Fire Prevention Board of Appeals

Fire Prevention Board of Appeals

City of Alpena Primary Contact:
Fire Marshal
Phone: 989.354.1850
Fax: 989.354.1805

Appointee Name Office Term  Appointed
Date Term
Jon Broers     City Council 11/18/2002 Undefined
Vacant     City Council   Undefined
C. C. VanWagoner     City Council   Undefined

The Function of the Board of Appeals is to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the code official relative to the application and interpretation of the fire code.

The Board is to be appointed by the governing body (City of Alpena). Members are to be qualified by either experience or training in matters pertaining to the code. The board is to conduct business according to adopted procedure’s and rules. The board shall hold office at the pleasure of the governing body.

Applications for appeal are based on a claim that the intent of the code or the rules legally adopted has been incorrectly interpreted, do not fully apply or an equivalent method of protection or safety is involved. The board has NO authority to waive the requirements of the code.

Code Official: The Code Official will be an ex-officio member of the board, but shall have no voting rights.

The board shall consist of five members appointed by the governing body for the following terms: one for five years, one for four years, one for three years, one for two years and one for one year. Thereafter, each new member will serve for five years until a successor has been appointed.

Qualifications:   The board will consist of five individuals, one each from the following professions:

  • Architect, builder, or building supervisor with at least ten years experience, five of which is responsible charge of work.
  • Design professional with structural or engineering experience.
  • Mechanical or plumbing contractor or engineer.
  • Electrical contractor or engineer.
  • Fire protection contractor or engineer.

Alternate Members:   The governing body will appoint two alternate members to hear appeals in the absence or disqualification of a regular member.

Chairman:   The board will select one member to serve as chairman.

Disqualification of Members:   Members shall not hear appeals in which they have any personal, professional or financial interest.

Meetings: The board will meet upon notice of the chairman, within ten days of the filing of the appeal, or stated periodic meetings.

How can I become a member of this Board?
There is a  short application, which is  available at City Hall or the application can be downloaded by clicking here.  After submitting the application and proper review, suitable recommendation can be by the Mayor, City Council, or City Manager for appointment to this board/committee.