Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a system of people and resources working together to protect and care for the public during trauma or medical emergencies. EMS in Alpena County is comprised of trained dispatchers, dedicated first responders from 9 different fire departments who provide initial on-scene care, and firefighter/paramedics from the City of Alpena who provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) on scene and during ambulance transport. At MidMichigan Medical Center-Alpena, board certified emergency physicians and highly trained nursing and support staff provide definitive care for ill and injured patients. City of Alpena firefighter/paramedics provide the highest level of medical care available outside of a hospital. Through an interlocal agreement with Alpena County, Alpena City Fire provides paramedic ambulance response for not only the City of Alpena, but also the townships of Alpena, Green, Long Rapids, Maple Ridge, Ossineke, Sanborn, Wellington, and Wilson.

Transfer Services - For almost 30 years, Alpena firefighters have also provided non-emergency ambulance services to transport residents home from the hospital or to meet routine medical needs. We also work in close cooperation with MidMichigan Medical Center-Alpena to provide highly specialized medical care and transportation of critically ill or injured patients to larger metropolitan medical centers. Our Mobile Intensive Unit (MICU) is staffed with critical care paramedics (CCEMTP) who have been trained and certified by the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), the national gold standard for critical care transport services. 

Dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergency/Ambulance Transfers

In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 for Alpena Fire Paramedic response. For non-emergency ambulance transfer services, provided by both the City of Alpena and Alpena Township Fire Departments, please call (989) 354-1850. Under state and federal law, parties have the right to choose their care providers. We would be happy to help, and 100% of the revenue generated from non-emergency transfers returns to the Alpena community in the form of local government citizen services. We are a Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross-Blue Shield and Hospice of Michigan participating provider, and Alpena County taxpayers receive a discount on any co-pay or deductibles that may be applicable on emergency calls. There is often no out-of-pocket expense to the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City of Alpena allow open burning?
City ordinance prohibits open burning except for cooking fires. The Fire Chief, or his designee, may allow an exception based on unusual circumstances.

Why does a fire truck go with the ambulance on in-city medical runs?
Very simply put, it is to provide the best emergency medical services to the community. All of our personnel are cross-trained as both firefighters and paramedics. The rescue squad is a smaller truck capable of carrying the "Jaws of Life" and other rescue equipment, as well as medical gear and a fire pump and tank, making it suitable for both EMS and fire response. It allows us to put another paramedic or two on scene to provide patient care more rapidly and effectively.   The fire fighters-paramedics on the rescue squad can assist the ambulance crew in many ways; patient care, carrying equipment, driving the ambulance, or lifting patients to name a few. There is no direct cost to the citizens when the fire truck responds with the ambulance.

How many fire fighters are on duty each day?
There are at least eight fire fighters on duty each day. On some days there could be up to nine depending on variables such as vacations, sick days, or training. The Chief and Deputy Chief are on duty during the day and on call otherwise.