Deputy Chief - Training Officer

Deputy Chief - Training Officer

Alpena Fire Department / Alpena County EMS
501 W. Chisholm St.
Alpena, Michigan  49707
Phone: 989.354.1850
Fax: 989.354.1805

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Deputy Chief - Training Officer 
Rob Edmonds

The Deputy Chief/Training Officer is an administrative position created to assist the Fire Chief in daily operations with a primary focus on Fire/EMS training of department personnel.  With a career staff of 30 firefighter/Paramedic/EMT’s to respond to the communities needs we are constantly training to prepare to meet those needs.  9 of our personnel are UMBC Critical Care Paramedics requiring even more enhanced training.

Our training program is very progressive, and skills based to enhance the response capabilities of personnel in areas of fire suppression, firefighter safety and survival, ice and water rescue, vehicle extrication and stabilization, rope rescue, hazardous materials response, advanced and basic life support treatment skills, Critical Care treatment skills, and apparatus operations.  In 2020 we achieved more than 4500 personnel training hours in these various disciplines.

The Alpena Fire Department also provides Medical First Responder (MFR) initial courses and continuing education training for local First Responder agencies in Alpena County to help keep them current in licensing and response requirements.

Rob Edmonds has advanced through the ranks from a paid on-call firefighter, paramedic/firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain and now the Deputy Chief/Training Officer since his employment began in 1996.  He is a UMBC certified Critical Care Paramedic, Paramedic IC, MIFFTC Fire Instructor 1, and advocate for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation-Everyone Goes Home program.