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The Alpena City Fire Department is an all-hazard emergency service. Thirty career personnel stand ready to respond to a wide array of situations. These include fire suppression, hazardous materials response, specialized rescue response including  high-angle, cold water, open water, and ice rescue, vehicle stabilization and extrication, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance response and transport.  2022 proved to be a steady year with the department logging in 4500 total responses to the Alpena communities needs.  The department covers approximately 8 square miles of the City of Alpena in providing Fire/EMS/All Hazards response and a total of over 1700 square miles for EMS response and mutual aid assistance to our other outlying partnering departments.

Alpena City Fire Department provides the highest level of medical care available outside of a hospital. Through an interlocal agreement with Alpena County, Alpena City Fire provides paramedic (ALS) ambulance response for not only the City of Alpena, but also the townships of Alpena, Green, Long Rapids, Maple Ridge, Ossineke, Sanborn, Wellington, and Wilson. This EMS response area comprises just over 1700 square miles.

We also provide an Echo unit during weekday hours to the townships of Green, Long Rapids, Maple Ridge, and Wilson.  This Echo unit supports the response efforts through providing a paramedic in that area responding with a fully equipped Tahoe to ensure staffing availability and assisting the transporting ambulance in patient care.