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208 N. First Avenue
Alpena, Michigan  49707
Phone:  989. 354.1710
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city attorney

City Attorney

William A. Pfeifer

City Attorney Duties
  • Act as legal advisor to, and attorney and counsel for, the Council and all its members in matters relating to their official duties. He shall give written opinions to any official or department of the city when requested in writing by the Council or the City Manager so to do, and shall file a copy of the same with the City Clerk.
  • Conduct for the City all cases in all courts and before all legally constituted tribunals whenever the city is a party thereto.
  • Prepare, or officially pass upon, all contracts, bonds, and other instruments in writing, in which the City is concerned, and shall certify before execution as to their legality and correctness of form.
  • File in the office of the City Clerk the original copy of all franchises granted by the city, of all contracts and agreements entered into by or on behalf of the city, and of all papers constituting a part of the proceedings in all courts or legally constituted tribunals to which the City is a party, together with the proper data and information concerning the same.
  •  Charged with the responsibility of calling to the attention of the Council and the City Manager all matters of law and changes or developments therein affecting the City. 
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the City Charter or by the Council.

Main Office:
Isackson & Wallace P.C.
114 South Second Ave.
Alpena, Michigan 49707
Phone: 989.354.8242
Fax: 989.356.3369

Department Personnel
Dylan Wallace
Assistant City Attorney
Phone 989.354.8242
Fax: 989.356.3369